November 2, 2017

August 2, 2017

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Thrown Back. Propelled Forward.

August 17, 2017

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Enriching the Spirit

May 26, 2017

How does one make sure that he gets in the right path in becoming spiritually
empowered? Here are 5 ways that you can make sure that you becoming increasingly empowered spiritually:


1) Knowing Oneself
The first step to being able to empower one’s self and, later on, achieve
freedom and independence is to know one’ self. It is very important that a
person know his capabilities and limitations so that he knows what his role
is in the community. 

2) Understanding the World Around
Once the person has some idea on the things he may be able to do to the
things around him, he would start understanding what is truly
surrounding him. It is important that a person knows how the things he
could do to his surroundings could also affect them.


3) Prioritizing Things
When a person is able to determine these things in his life early on, it is
easier to be able to put priorities in life. For example, self is the foremost
thing that needs to be taken care of, without it a person is not able to reach
out to his surroundings and could not reach the freedom and
independence he would want to achieve.

4) Sharing with Others
A person may be able to gain independence and freedom of his own but if
he does not share what he knows to other people, this effort is deemed
useless and it would not really make such a big impact. If a person shares
what he learns, he is able to get a step closer in making the world better.


5) Continuing to Learn
A person who wants to enrich his spirit is one that does not give up easily,
no matter the circumstances and no matter the aspect of life is involved.
An empowered person would seek to learn more to make the world an
even better place for his self and his surroundings.


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