The Most Important Thing in the World is...

Every step you take toward your goal as important.

By adopting the mindset that each action you take is the most important thing in world, you increase your ability to maintain focus and achieve. It's very easy to find yourself focusing on, or worst, idolizing the end result, the ultimate or tomorrow- that's right TOMORROW. When you do you miss the details and opportunities of the NOW that results, goals and future achievements are built upon.

That said, what you are focusing on right now is the most important thing in the world.

Going a step further, you can tell a lot about someone by who, what or where has their focus. Some questions you can observe about, or ask, yourself, or someone else are:

What does he/she talk about the most?

Who does he/she communicate with the most?

With whom does he/she give the most intentionality?

Where do go the most?

What do you do the most?

Where you focus lies isn't necessarily a reflection of your character, but it is a reflection of your concentration. And, whether we like it or not, what we concentrate on the most is reflected in our daily life.


Thanks for reading.

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