Stay Confident!!!

Sometimes this can be difficult, especially in an area we are unfamiliar with. Struggling to do something well can cause you to feel insecure and lead to lack of motivation. Don't be afraid to learn a new task. Learning how to do it properly will help you keep your confidence and improve motivation.

Your confidence is centered around knowing who you are and believing in your ability to achieve. A practical way that you can take on confidence issues is using "I" statements like:

  • I know who I am. 

  • I know what I'm capable of. 

  • I am capable. 

  • I will not quit.

Declare the attributes of a confident lifestyle over yourself and GET IT DONE! Progress is the best way to sure up your confidence. Make note of the small wins and press on. 

----- This is an extended explanation of JumpStart Tip #77. Grab the full eBook with 101 similar tips from my shop 

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