Don't "Just Do It"...

There's a difference in doing something and exercising your ability to do something. "Doing" is getting the job done. In a time where most people don't finish, being known for getting the job done will get you a job. But is doing as effective as you think? I guess it would depend on your goals. and I aren't most people. We don't "just do it". When we do it, we do it with intentionality and intensity- we exercise. Exercising your ability is doing so with the intent and intensity required to sustain and/or improve.

When you "don't do" or "just do" you are going with the natural flow of things- degradation. Every thing, person, place and system requires more that it needs to operate for it to be sustained; let alone grow. Why do you think preservatives is a multi-billion dollar industry? We preserve food, we preserve our youthfulness and "preserve our sexy" through all sorts of medical and medicinal products.

That said, you can't "just do it" if you want to reach the next level. Don't just use your mind.

You have to exercise its abilities for it to increase incapacity.

Don't just vote.

You already have the right to vote, so exercising your "right to vote" is an empty statement. That would be exercising your access. What we need is people to exercise their ability. It's not enough that the door be unlocked, if you never open it. Feel me? You must exercise your ability to vote if you want sustainable and growth.

Don't just pray.

Pray with intentionality and intensity. If your power, praise and petitions don't evolve, neither will your blessings and manifestations. And if they did, you wouldn't have the perspective to see it.

Don't just love.

Basic love has never changed someone's life and never get's you to where you would like to go. If you choose to love, do so with intentionality and intensity. That's the only kind of love that sustains and grows.

Above, in each one of those example, I initially wrote "You can't just ____" instead of don't. I changed it because it would have been a lie. At the end of the day, you are possessor of free will and you can do whatever you want. It's a good thing somethings, and a bad thing other times. You choose to do what you do. Someone or something may lead, advise or encourage you, but, at the end of the day, you did it by choice.

A good practice that I have developed is declaring what I don't just do in addition to what I will do. I say to myself things like

  • I don't just engineer.

  • I don't just workout.

  • I don't just create.

  • I don't just sew. (Yes, sew- lol)

  • I don't just motivate people.

  • I don't just be a son to my mom.

I say these things to remind myself that something is always at stake. It also helps me set healthy boundaries. Now, don't let this line of thinking add undue pressure, because it can. Especially if you are an over thinker like me. It's about focus and knowing that if my actions are not sustaining and growing, they are leaving room for degradation.

In all things, the person who exercises the most intentionality and intensity sees their dreams come to fruition. So if you're going to get to the next level you have to bring more that "just do it" to the table.

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