Thrown Back. Propelled Forward.

If you think getting to the next level is hard, try starting over...

On one hand, you know what to do. And on the other hand, you know what to do. Therefore the real test is one of commitment and perseverance. The awesome thing about it though is that you rediscover your #why and the reason you took that particular path in the first place; which is the very thing people forget before making their fall from glory.

So, on today, on this beloved #ThrowbackThursday (lol)

throw your #grit back to when you first began;

throw your #tenacity back to when you first overcame;

throw your #faith back to when you first dedicated; and

throw your #love back to when you first laid eyes on the prize.

The reality of it is that a today is all you have, but know that everything you're doing now is built on a beginning...a yesterday...a foundation. Don't just settle for building on a rock. Build something worth living in and, subsequently, worth leaving behind. When it's all said in done, your life will reflect what you leave behind; which is built on a now; which is founded upon a then.

Sounds good right? Or maybe it's too good to be true?!?

OK, so what's one thing I can do to get a break through in an area if I've already thrown back and I'm not getting the progress?

Answer: Start something new in another area.

Odds are you have have several old things on your plate that you are doing out of habit or loyalty that aren't directly contributing to your development. Kill those habits. It's not adding something new to your's replacing something there with something better. Think about, and quantify, the capacity you contributed into that/those things- the time, energy and mental space. Take that and put it towards doing something you've never done or always wanted to do. Leverage that newness, that new grit, that new progress (which IS going to happen) to propel you forward in that other area. Sometimes break through simply take time, effort and application. The fastest way to get burned out or lose your overall quality of life while achieving this one thing is to put everything you have into that one thing. Yes, you should be focused and, yes, you should be driven but think about it.

We have a mind, body and spirit...and we have a personal and a professional life. That's (a minimum) 6 areas that we operate in they are all connected in one way or another. Some people break there lives up into a million different sectors or, do the opposite, and merge everything together. If that's you, more power to you. And that's not figurative, it's literal. You LITERALLY need all the power you can get. If your love life is separate from you personal life something is wrong. And if your personal life is merged with your personal life, something else is wrong. And if your spiritual life isn't in you personal or professional life something is most definitely wrong, and is likely going to get wronger.

Don't merge...sync.

The real victory is a balanced victory!!!

After all, it's all connected- whether you like it or not.


I hope this helps you. Take a moment and subscribe before you leave. Also, check out my Instagram (@themarshmethod) and YouTube (The Marsh Method) for more content. Together, we are going to make it happen.

#throwbackthursday #faith #motivation #love #grit #entrepreneurship

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