From Superman to Super Man

This morning I woke up to a message from someone in another country (Singapore) asking me why I hadn't posted content in the last two weeks. I told him I have been swamped with changes at my job, the building of my creative business, my consulting projects, and, on top of that, being on the home stretch of graduate school. He said he was "astonished" and the list of things I rattled off. He encouraged me to press through and thanked me for all I'm choosing to do.

I'm fortunate and, I know for sure sure now, I am special. God has blessed me with a vast amount of technical and creative gifts and talents that I've been able to master, leverage and monetize. Not only have they saved me money, but they have given me to power to create wealth, passive income, and influence the lives of others for the better outside of my career as an engineer.

Sounds great right? Being super talented? Well, it has it's pitfalls. Especially if you have a heart for helping people. I've always been the go-to guy. The one to help people, check on people, and support people in their time of need. And I've always done so without letting people know how much I have going on or how much I am carrying personally. Last year I took my Superman cape off, practiced transparency and vulnerability and, well, it left me unemployed- or so I thought.

Looking back...I was, essentially, ousted into my divine calling on being a anomaly.

The work I was was going through internally was made perfect when I tore my Achilles in February of this year and literally couldn't be there for people. I didn't walk for three and a half (3.5) weeks.

I've taken my Superman cape off so that I may actually the super man I'm created to be.

Since that change, I've lost contact with a lot of people, been ignored by once beloved mentors, and even been black-sheeped from certain social circles. I've even had people go out of their way to let me know how much I "let them down" and tell me that they think I'm "confused" or "lost"- phrases and verbiage you communicate to unemployed starving artists that have been couch surfing for two plus years, not civil engineers that are also in graduate school. 👀

It's not about money.

It's not about "knowing my value".

It's not about being "underpaid and overworked".

What it is about is purpose and responsibility. I have the responsibility to fulfill my purpose and I know the purpose of the responsibilities I have.

It's about family and breaking generational curses.

It's about shifting rooms and atmospheres with interior design and custom drapery.

It's about shifting people image of their self and ow they see their self with clothing and men;s furnishing.

It's about building the infrastructure of plighted communities.

It's about being the person that someone in Singapore needs...

The Sunday before I was ousted I was sitting in Cracker Barrel. A lady came up to me and said, "The Lord wants you to know that there isn't a role for you here, or anywhere. And that you have been needing to make a change and, because time is of the essence, He has to make it for you. Don't look to the left or right for guidance anymore. Instead, look up."

I haven't looked down since...

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